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EPLAN Platform 2022

Find out here how to return your license without an Internet connection

EPLAN Recommendations

  • The computer on which the license is returned does not have an Internet connection.
  • The second computer has an Internet connection.
  • If you use proxy settings, have the proxy server address, port, username and password ready.
  • For example.B, have a storage medium (USB stick) ready for data exchange.

In the case of a network license, the following also applies:

  • Make sure that no licenses have been borrowed from the EPLAN License Manager (ELM Configurator).
  • Open the EPLAN License Manager Monitor and check whether a license has been borrowed in the column "License borrowed until".


Return License

  1. Go to the EPLAN download area.
  2. Enter your serial number and your customer number.
  3. Confirm that you have read and accept the "General Terms and Conditions for the Delivery of Software and the Provision of Services*" and click on the "Login" button.
  4. You will now be shown all ordered software products.
  5. Select EPLAN Rehost, download the EPLAN Rehost Tool.
  6. Start the rehost .exe.
  7. Select the "Revocation" tab, then continue.
  8. Choose the "Manual Revoke" method and Step1: "Create Revocation Request".
  9. Enter the unlock code (EID).
  10. Use the "Create Activation Request" button to create your required return file.
  11. Save the file e.B. on a storage medium (USB stick) together with the rehost .exe.
  12. Use a PC with an unrestricted Internet connection and restart the rehost .exe.
  13. Use proxy server settings, then press "Settings" at the bottom left.
  14. Enter address, port, username and password.
  15. Select Step 2 "Download Permission Tickets (Online).
  16. Select the file "RevocationRequest file" from e.B your storage medium (USB stick).
  17. Press "Download Permission Tickets", your license will now be returned online and released for further activation on another hardware, this may take a few seconds.
  18. If the return is successful, you will be prompted to save another file. Save the file again, e.B. on a storage medium (USB stick).
  19. Now go back to your server or PC with the file.
  20. Start the rehost .exe again and now select Step 3: Revoke.
  21. Select the "Permission Ticket File" that EPLAN has sent you.
  22. Now press "Revoke". If the conversion is successful, select and save a confirmation file.
  23. Finally, you send EPLAN via your PC with a stable online connection and the rehost.exe and step 4 "Upload Revocation Ticket (online)" the license return.
  24. You can now use your EID to activate a different hardware.


Further information can be found here: Returning a single-user license - without an Internet connection (

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