Guided Installation

EPLAN Platform 2022

EPLAN provides you with comprehensive sample data. This includes, for example the sample project "ESS Sample Project".
EPLAN Platform 2022 - Sample Project EPLAN Platform 2022 - Sample Project

Open Project

  1. On the ribbon, select the File tab > Backstage area Open > Browse.
  2. Select the "ESS Sample Project".
  3. Click [Open].
  4. The Backstage view closes, the project opens in the Page Navigator.


The sample project and the structure used in it have been created according to the recommendations of the IEC 81355 and IEC 81346 standards. It is intended to give you an insight into what standard-compliant project creation with structure indicators in EPLAN can look like.

Watch a short "How-to-Video"!

Network License - Initial Installation

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