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Comprehensible responses to frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


EPLAN eSTOCK is a cloud-based software for managing EPLAN parts data.

Parts data can be uploaded to eSTOCK from the EPLAN Platform 2023. The parts data can be viewed, edited and shared with other users in eSTOCK via an Internet browser. The EPLAN Platform 2023 can connect to the parts data in eSTOCK and use the data.

Anyone who is registered on www.eplan.com can use the browser application of eSTOCK.

To use the parts data in EPLAN projects, a subscription software license for the EPLAN Platform 2023 is required.

Ask the administrator of your EPLAN organization to assign you a role in eSTOCK if you cannot see EPLAN eSTOCK on the dashboard.

A collection in eSTOCK represents a subset of all parts in eSTOCK that can be individually assembled by the user. A collection can be used, for example, to provide EPLAN users with the parts that are created for a specific customer or department. Users in the EPLAN Platform always connect to a collection in eSTOCK.

If you want to provide access to all your parts, create a collection with all parts.

To share parts data with another user, you need to share collections in eSTOCK.

All users in your organization who have been assigned a role for eSTOCK can see the shared collections.

All eSTOCK users in the organization with the "Designer" role can see parts in the “Draft” status. The "User" role can only see released parts.

Macros are edited graphically in the EPLAN Platform, not in eSTOCK. Create a macro in the EPLAN Platform and save it as a file. In eSTOCK, macro files can be attached to the part.

No. Your previous parts database will not be affected when using eSTOCK. Simply reset the database source to the usual value and you continue to work on your parts data as before.

Note: Documents, macros and images belonging to the part are downloaded when connecting to eSTOCK and may overwrite existing documents.