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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


EPLAN eBUILD is the commercial cloud-based solution for automated engineering with the EPLAN Platform. With EPLAN eBUILD, schematics (electrical engineering, fluid power, building automation) can be generated at the click of a button. EPLAN eBUILD consists of the service "Project Builder", which is also part of the free product EPLAN eBUILD Free, as well as of the "Designer" which can be used to create your own personalised libraries.

EPLAN eBUILD can be purchased through the same sales channels as all other EPLAN products.

To use EPLAN eBUILD, you need EPLAN Electric P8, EPLAN Fluid or EPLAN Pro Panel (2D schematic generation only) Version 2.8 Hotfix 3 or later. An installation of the connectors is also required for versions smaller than 2.9. In addition, an internet connection is required to work with EPLAN eBUILD.

EPLAN eBUILD uses the same software mechanism as EPLAN eBUILD Free to automatically generate schematics. Schematics are generated into a project selected by the user which is located in the project management of the EPLAN Platform. This can be a local storage location or a storage location in the user's network infrastructure. EPLAN eBUILD does not store schematics in the EPLAN cloud, and it is the user who decides who can access the project data within the EPLAN project management.

EPLAN eBUILD does not store project data in the EPLAN cloud. If you want to make project data available via the EPLAN cloud, for example for collaboration purposes with other departments, you can use the service EPLAN eVIEW.

Yes, all libraries created with EPLAN Cogineer are still available after transitioning to EPLAN eBUILD. You only need to upload each Cogineer library to your Organisation and make it available to its users. Afterwards, the library can be used in the Designer as well as in the Project Builder in EPLAN eBUILD.

For information on the transition from EPLAN Cogineer to eBUILD, please reach out to your EPLAN sales contact or send an e-mail to ebuild@eplan.de.