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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


EPLAN eBUILD Free offers you predefined libraries as well as a configurator, which can create parts of schematic projects in EPLAN practically at the push of a button. EPLAN eBUILD Free always generates into a native EPLAN project, so that manual editing of circuit diagrams (ETO = Engineering to Order) is possible in addition to automated circuit diagram creation (CTO = Configure to Order) in a project. By providing ready-to-use macro libraries in the new EPLAN Cloud environment, users of EPLAN eBUILD Free are productive right from the start. It is not necessary to create kits or rules.

In the first step, EPLAN eBUILD Free aims all the users of EPLAN Electric P8 and EPLAN Fluid. Irrespective if you are dealing with tasks from new planning or maintenance, EPLAN eBUILD Free is a universal tool for generating automatically circuit diagrams. Therefore, sub-tasks for electrical designers can be executed automatically with EPLAN eBUILD Free.

System requirements: To use EPLAN eBUILD Free, an installation of EPLAN Electric P8 or EPLAN Fluid, version 2.8 with hotfix 3 or higher, is required. The use of EPLAN eBUILD Free is not possible in an Internet browser (www.epulse.com). The use of EPLAN eBUILD Free is only possible by opening the EPLAN CLoud environment in EPLAN. (Utilities EPLAN ePULSE)

On www.eplan.com complete the self-registration process. For your registration use your company e-mail address. You will then receive an invitation e-mail with further information on the use of EPLAN eBUILD Free.

EPLAN eBUILD Free is currently only available on the EPLAN platform. (See system requirements)

The use of EPLAN eBUILD Free is not linked to any contractual conditions.

No, the use of EPLAN eBUILD Free is not limited in time.

Some libraries that are provided in EPLAN eBUILD Free can be downloaded and then uploaded to the respective organisation in the commercial full version EPLAN eBUILD. The library content can then be adjusted individually in the Designer and be used to automatically generate schematics with EPLAN eBUILD. You can recognize a downloadable library by a download link at the bottom of the library information.

Circuit diagrams are always created within your local EPLAN platform. This means that only you have access to the circuit diagrams generated with EPLAN eBUILD Free. EPLAN eBUILD Free does not store project data in the EPLAN Cloud.

Please send any feedback, questions or suggestions by e-mail to ebuild@eplan.de.