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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Rittal ePOCKET

With the digital circuit diagram Rittal ePOCKET, your machine and plant documentation is always up to date. And directly available from any device, anytime, anywhere. This accelerates your processes along the entire value chain and saves you valuable time.

Anyone who is registered in the EPLAN Cloud and has a qualified Rittal enclosure with a Rittal QR code for activation can use Rittal ePOCKET.

Currently qualified Rittal enclosures are Rittal enclosures of the model series VX 25, VX SE, AX and KX. These have a unique Rittal QR code from factory via which the activation can be performed.

Rittal ePOCKET is visible directly in the start screen of the EPLAN Cloud environment for every registered user from the launch date and can be started there.

To activate and create a machine documentation, a qualified Rittal enclosure incl. Rittal type plate QR code is required.

After logging in to the EPLAN Cloud environment and accessing the Rittal ePOCKET service, scan the type plate QR code of your qualified Rittal enclosure from within Rittal ePOCKET. After validation of the QR code, a machine or system documentation will be unlocked for you. In the following dialogs you can create the project with all information.

Rittal ePOCKET is a browser-based application and it can be accessed via Internet browsers in the current versions. The supported Internet browsers can be looked up in the general EPLAN Cloud FAQs.

Rittal ePOCKET can only be used with qualified Rittal enclosures. After activating a machine or system documentation using the Rittal type plate QR code, you can use the Rittal ePOCKET machine or system documentation free of charge for an unlimited period.

Yes, the Rittal ePOCKET supports adding of multiple Rittal type plate QR codes from different control cabinets. 

No, unfortunately this is currently not possible. An original Rittal QR code is always required for this. 

A detailed explanation of the roles and access rights can be found under the following link in the EPLAN help.

No, by logging in to Rittal ePOCKET you always have access to all the machine and plant documentation in your organization, even without scanning a Rittal QR code. The only requirement is that you have access rights to the particular machine and plant documentation.

In the particular machine or plant documentation, the required access authorizations allow you to replace the destroyed QR code with a new one.

You can use the enclosure of the entire plant to create a machine or plant documentation. After that, you have the option to add further QR codes to the machine or plant documentation.

You can then jump directly from each individual QR code to the machine or plant documentation.

EPLAN Cloud is a web-based platform for EPLAN and Rittal cloud products. Installation is not necessary. However, to get access to the products and services in EPLAN Cloud, you must be registered in EPLAN Cloud. Registration is free of charge.

1 GB storage per project or schematic bag.

No. However, 1 GB is more than enough for a schematic project.

Currently, a permanent Internet connection is required to access all functions of the Rittal ePOCKET service.

Yes, there are 4 levels: Administrator, Designer, User and Guest.

No, the number is not limited.

Since redlining and greenling is always included in EPLAN eVIEW, it is also always included in Rittal ePOCKET.

Yes, this function will be available as of April 2022.

No, you must have a user account and be signed in. Furthermore, user management allows you to regulate access with 4 authorization levels.

Yes, all common data formats can be stored. The EPLAN help page shows a list of the currently approved document types.

Maintenance work is done outside working hours if possible. We inform you about this in advance.

You can view the operating status of EPLAN Cloud online in the Trust Center at any time.

Currently, projects cannot "move." This is currently only possible via a detour: by downloading it and uploading it to a new organization.

After the handover of the plant, the data should be moved to the end customer's organization. The end customer will then also bear the subscription costs. For each organization there is a 6-month trial period.

You can choose the activation of Rittal ePOCKET in such a way that charges only apply for the end customer.

Yes, to look up the circuit diagram, Rittal ePOCKET can also be used for commissioning. Of course, the commissioning documents can also be stored in Rittal ePOCKET.

You must always be signed into Rittal ePOCKET (access rights). When you are signed in, you can use the project navigator to click through to the project you want.

Or you can scan the QR code, which lets you "jump" directly into the associated project.

If you are signed into Rittal ePOCKET, you can use the project navigator to display the individual projects.

No, only registered and authorized users have access.

Yes, with user management, you can also set up access for users from other companies.

No, only the Rittal QR codes of the AX, KX, VX 25 and VX SE enclosure series work.

We strictly adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). No analyses of personal data are performed.