Guided Installation

EPLAN Platform 2022

Update EPLAN Platform

Start the EPLAN Platform.

  1. On the ribbon, select the File tab > Backstage Help > Support & Updates > Download Manager button.
  2. The EPLAN Download Manager opens in a new window.
  3. After opening the EPLAN Download Manager, close the EPLAN Platform.
  4. Select "Download and install from the download area".
    • Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  5. You will get an overview of all your installed program components.
  6. In the "Status" area are now the "not installed", newer program components.
  7. Use the checkbox at the beginning to select which program components you want to update.
    • Hint! When selecting some program components, an automatic additional activation of the checkbox is created. Please do not adjust this selection!
  8. Confirm your selection with [Start], the update will be carried out!
  9. After completion, you can close the EPLAN Download Manager again.



If you have several EPLAN clients in use, perform these steps again on the respective clients.

EPLAN Download Manager EPLAN Download Manager

Network License - Initial Installation

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