Guided Installation

EPLAN Platform 2022

Create workspace

  1. Click the (Workspace) button in the upper-right corner of the ribbon and select [Edit Workspace] from the expanded list.
  2. The "Workspace" dialog opens.
  3. Create a new schema. Press the + button (New) and create a personal scheme starting with your company ID (XYZ) e.B. "[XYZ] Standard".
  4. Optionally, add a short, meaningful description.
  5. Click [OK]. The "New Schema" dialog is closed, the new schema is adopted as the current one.
  6. Click [OK]. The new workspace is created under the name you entered. The current interface settings regarding open "dockable" dialogs, dialog positions, etc. are saved.


You can change the surface configuration of this workspace if necessary (e.B. change the size and position of "dockable" dialogs (navigators), etc. and save. You can also export this workspace and import it on other clients so that all EPLAN users could work with the same workspace.

Watch a short "How-to-Video"!

Two exemplary work areas for engineering and macro machining.

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Make sure that the new workspaces (file format: WSbc.<...>.xml) that you want to import are stored in the appropriate place in your EPLAN system master data under "...\Schematics\<customer identifier>\...". Then import the desired files via the EPLAN platform.

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Using the EPLAN Data Portal