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EPLAN Platform 2022

The EPLAN Data Portal makes parts data available for download in EPLAN format, thus simplifying the creation of plant documentation. In this exchange portal between parts manufacturers and electrical planners, the product data is immediately available online, with all solutions anchored in the EPLAN Platform accessing this web service.
EPLAN Platform 2022 - Data Portal EPLAN Platform 2022 - Data Portal

Use Data Portal

  1. Open a desired schematic page.
  2. Now, on the ribbon select the "ePULSE" tab, click on the "Data Portal" app.
  3. In the header of the open tab, right-click and select "Dock as Tab".
  4. In the Data Portal, select the "Item List".
  5. Now select a desired manufacturer e.B. Rittal. You will see all parts from the manufacturer Rittal that are provided in the Data Portal.
  6. Select a desired item from the item list, select the drop-down menu on the right, and then click [Insert Item].
  7. The "Parts Import" dialog opens.
  8. Select an import type e.B.: "Update existing item data and add new ones".
  9. Select the scope of the parts import to download the accessories if necessary.
  10. Click [OK], the download will start.
  11. You can then place the parts graphically.


To use the EPLAN Data Portal, you need an EPLAN ID.

To access the Data Portal in the web browser: In your web browser, open ePULSE | Home. Click on "Login" and enter your ePULSE access data.

Further information can be found here: EPLAN Data Portal.

Watch a short "How-to-Video"!

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