Guided Installation

EPLAN Platform 2022

EPLAN Recommendations

  • Make sure that your logged-in Windows user is stored in the SQL Manager. Alternatively, keep the username and password for the SQL-System Admin Account wide.
  • In version 2022, EPLAN parts management requires the "SQL Server 2012 Native Client" driver to connect to a SQL server. The latest downloadable version of this driver can be found on the Microsoft Download Center Web site.

Download Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Native Client - QFE from Official Microsoft Download Center

  • To create a SQL database for item management, the following permissions are required:

- dbCreator = To create a new database
- dbOwner = For users who have permission to convert a database (e.B. for use in a newer / more recent EPLAN version)
- dbDatareader = For read access to the database
- dbDatareader + dbDatawriter = To edit the database
- VIEW SERVER STATE = For the migration of the parts database to the new database format

  • Make sure that your EPLAN Client reaches the SQL server via the network.
  • Make sure that the SQL Server service and the SQL TCP/IP connection are running.

Create a database

  1. On the ribbon, select the Master Data tab > Articles > Administration command group > Drop-down "Settings: Items" button.
  2. The "Settings: Parts Management" dialog opens.
  3. Create a new schema. Press the + button (New) and create a personal schema starting with your company ID (XYZ) e.B. "[XYZ] Parts Data SQL".
  4. Optionally, add a short, meaningful description.
  5. In the Database Source "SQL Server" section, select the + button (New).
  6. Now create your new SQL database.
  7. Enter your SQL server name and instance.
  8. Select the desired login to connect to your SQL server.
  9. Now enter your desired database name, starting with your company ID (XYZ) e.B. "XYZ_Parts".
  10. Confirm your entry with [Ok], the database is created in the SQL server.

Activate a license on a new hardware

Create a SQL database for the dictionary