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The EPLAN help system contains conceptual information, instructions for action and dialogue descriptions for most of the program's functions. Help is opened online via an Internet connection Welcome to the EPLAN help system. The help system is displayed in the Internet browser set by default on your computer. The help system can be used contextually via [F1] or context-independently. Here you have the option of using a full-text search to search for terms in all stored technical publications.

Most chapters are divided into the following three subchapters:

  • Basics
  • Here's how it works
  • Reference

Help yourself

  1. If you need help at a certain point or situation, press [F1] in the EPLAN Platform.
  2. The browser opens, the EPLAN help is loaded in the respective language.
  3. The respective help topic opens.
  4. Now you have the opportunity to clarify your question with the help of the help system.
  5. In addition, you will receive further help-rich topics and points explained. In addition, examples, instructions and other details are visible according to the respective topic.

Further information can be found here: Using the help system (

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