Guided Installation

EPLAN Platform 2022

Settings: User Code / Address Settings: User Code / Address

Enter user data

  1. On the ribbon, select the File tab > Settings > User > Display > User code / address.
  2. Enter your corresponding user data in the fields provided.
    • In field "Code" - your desired abbreviation.
    • In field "Name" - your first and last name.
  3. EPLAN automatically populates the "Logon name" field. The user name with which you have logged in to your Windows operating system is entered.
  4. Enter your phone and e-mail address.
  5. Enter your customer number here.



"Use logon name for changes": If this check box is selected, the logon name is output to automatically filled properties, such as .B "Creator" or "Last Editor" for projects, pages, forms, standard sheets, etc.

Watch a short "How-to-Video"!

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