EPLAN Data Portal


Support for the transition

Please use the new EPLAN Data Portal within the EPLAN Cloud from now on. You need at least EPLAN Platform version 2.9 Service Pack 1 Update 6 to import data from the new EPLAN Data Portal.

To use the new EPLAN Data Portal with full functionality in your EPLAN Platform, proceed as follows:

Utilities > EPLAN ePULSE > EPLAN Data Portal

Note: In the browser you have no possibility to import article data, the corresponding URL is: https://dataportal.eplan.com/


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Solution 1:

If the "EPLAN ePULSE" tab remains gray or does not display any data, please proceed as follows:

The incorrect display may be caused by a difference between the EPLAN version and the installed language packages. Please reinstall the language packages via Help > EPLAN Download Manager. Please install all language packages that you use on your computer.

Example: German language package: "EPLAN Gui de-DE 2.9 SP1 (x64)".

Beispiel:  Sprachpaket Deutsch: "EPLAN Gui de-DE 2.9 SP1 (x64)".

If this does not solve the problem, please proceed as follows:

1. First, please uninstall all language packages of version 2.9 SP1 (Control Panel > Programs and Features).

  • Please uninstall the language packages "EPLAN Gui ??_?? 2.9 SP1 (x64)" via the context menu (right mouse click).

2. Afterwards, please uninstall the EPLAN update: Control Panel > Programs and Features > Show installed updates

  • Please uninstall the update "EPLAN Platform 2.9 SP1 (x64) Update ?" via the context menu (right mouse click).

3. Now start the EPLAN Download Manager via Windows Explorer: C:\Programs\EPLAN\Download Manager\"Version number"\Bin\Download.exe

  • Select the current update and the language packages according to the EPLAN installation on your computer.


If the EPLAN Download Manager does not display any updates, please use the following link to download the update via a browser:


Unzip the ZIP file and select the "Install from folder" option in the EPLAN Download Manager.

Solution 2:

The behavior is related to Intel(R) Iris(R) Xe graphics cards.

The behavior is known at Intel. A solution is being worked on. Check the manufacturer's website for current drivers and install them.


If a separate graphics card is available in the PC, you can set the driver to use the separate graphics card for EPLAN. Example NVIDIA driver:

In case of network problems, please check the accessibility of the URLs and open port 443 (TCP) in the firewall.

Please use the following link for an up-to-date list of the URLs used: https://www.eplan.com/en/support/cloud.html

EPLAN Services

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