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EPLAN Platform 2022

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Online activation

  1. Start the EPLAN Platform via the desktop icon.
  2. The "Select License" dialog opens.
  3. Select the menu item Single user license > activate license online...
  4. Now enter your Entitlement ID (EID), confirm your entry with [OK].
  5. Your Entitlement ID (EID) will now be verified.
  6. The "Activate License" dialog opens, which shows you the system scope for the Entitlement ID (EID). Confirm with [Activate].
  7. After successful activation, select [Close].
  8. Your Entitlement ID (EID) is now successfully enabled. Close the dialog with [OK].
  9. The EPLAN Platform now opens automatically.


A further activation of your Entitlement ID (EID) on another system (PC, laptop, etc.) is not possible. In this case, temporarily return (Revoke) your Entitlement ID (EID).

License Activate License Activate

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