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EPLAN Platform 2022

Getting Started - Additional Information

What is the ribbon?

Below the title bar of the EPLAN main window, a ribbon is available with the commands you need to edit the equipment, project pages, master data, etc. In the ribbon, the functionalities of the program are arranged in a series of tabs.

For more information, see: User Interface Elements (

What is the backstage area?

When you click the File tab in the new ribbon of the main window, the new Backstage view of the EPLAN Platform is displayed. Here you will find all commands and information about your projects. In this view, you execute commands with projects, the editing within a project - on the pages, in installation rooms or in project data - takes place in the main window in the navigators or the various editors.

The Recent pane displays a list of recently opened projects. Each project displays its directory and the date and time the project was last opened or closed.

In the left pane of the Backstage view is the Command Pane, where you can use various commands to manage and deploy your projects. Depending on the command selected in the command pane, additional commands and/or dialog elements are displayed in the view area (right).

In most cases, the view area is divided into two parts and contains a second, contextual, list of commands. Depending on the selected command, the corresponding dialog elements are then displayed on the right, e.B buttons with commands or dialog boxes.

What is a workspace for?

An EPLAN workspace includes the sizes and positions of the EPLAN main window, the editors (graphical editor, symbol editor, form editor, etc.), the insertion center and the "dockable" dialogs (navigators, message management, etc.). For the dockable dialogs and the insertion center, the settings for the window position (e.B docking, flyout, etc.) also belong to a workspace. The ribbon customizations with e.B custom tabs and command groups are also saved to a workspace.

Detailed information can be found in the EPLAN Information Portal at: Working with workspaces (

What is the EPLAN Data Portal for?

The EPLAN Data Portal makes parts data available for download in EPLAN format, thus simplifying the creation of plant documentation. In this exchange portal between parts manufacturers and electrical planners, the product data is immediately available online, with all solutions anchored in the EPLAN Platform accessing this web service.

Note: To use the EPLAN Data Portal, you need an EPLAN ID. To access the Data Portal in the web browser: Open in your web browser. Click on "Login" and enter your EPLAN ID data. Alternatively, you can also log in directly via the EPLAN Platform with your access data. Select the Data Portal.

Further information can be found here: EPLAN Data Portal.

Which EPLAN help options are available in the EPLAN Platform?

On the ribbon, select the File tab > The Backstage Help pane, where you can:

Contents (Here you will find information on EPLAN products)Information portal:

  • Starts an EPLAN website with information about EPLAN products (help systems, tutorials, etc.). Here you have the option of using a full-text search to search for terms in all stored technical publications.
  • Help system: Calls up the help for your EPLAN version.
  • Tutorials: Launches an EPLAN website with video tutorials on various topics.

Support & Updates

  • Support: Launches an EPLAN website with a form for a support request.

Information (Here you will find the following information about your EPLAN version)

  • Product, Scope of License, Copyright / Trademark, System Information
EPLAN Platform 2022 - Backstage Help EPLAN Platform 2022 - Backstage Help

What is the EPLAN Solution Center?

With our online support system, the "EPLAN Solution Center", you as a software service customer receive comprehensive support through more efficient processing of your individual application questions. This speeds up your process and we can provide you with answers to urgent questions that need to be clarified more quickly.