Guided Azure Deployment

Use the EPLAN Platform in the Azure Cloud architecture!


We at EPLAN would like to make the roll-out of your EPLAN software to your company's own cloud infrastructure in Microsoft Azure as easy as possible for you. The operation of your cloud infrastructure and EPLAN software remains in your hands.

These Azure Marketplace apps are designed to work together in an Azure subscription and a VNET there.

Select your preferred deployment:

1 - EPLAN Electric P8 2022

This template supports you in creating a host pool for the use of Azure Virtual Desktops (AVD) in your Azure subscription. This enables a roll-out of the EPLAN Electric P8 software as well as the optionally available Elements and Add-on modules from EPLAN Platform 2022.

You will receive the following support:

  • An AVD host pool is created according to your settings
  • A specified number of machines is created (NV12s_v3)
  • The application group is created with the host pool
  • The machines are added to the set domain
  • EPLAN Electric P8 is installed locally on the machine from version 2022
  • The NVIDIA graphics card extension is added to the machines and installed

2 - EPLAN Master Data

This template helps you create a storage account for your master data using Azure Files in your Azure Subscription.

You will receive the following support:

  • A Premium Storage account is created according to your settings
  • The size is set to 1TB (4024 IOPs)

3 - EPLAN SQL Databases

This template supports you in creating an EPLAN SQL server in your Azure subscription.

You get the following support:

  • A machine is created (DS2 v2)
  • The machine is added to the set domain
  • The SQL Express 2019 ADV is installed
  • An instance of EPLAN is created

4 - EPLAN License Manager

This template supports you in creating an EPLAN license manager in your Azure subscription.

You will receive the following support:

  • A machine is created (DS2 v2)
  • The machine is added to the set domain
  • The EPLAN license manager is installed
  • Two shortcuts are created on the desktop:
    • Automatic DCOM configuration according to EPLAN specifications
    • Automatic firewall configuration according to EPLAN specifications

Installation and support policy for virtual environments

The ability to use your software in a virtual environment depends on the specific product, the type of licensing, and whether the terms of use permit such virtualization. Therefore, please check the applicable TOS as well as the system requirements of the software to ensure that it can run in a virtual environment.

It is possible to install and run EPLAN software in virtualized environments, but thorough functional and performance testing must be performed. EPLAN has tested software in virtualized or server-based environments on a dedicated scale. Only testing can ensure that this solution meets your requirements. 

Microsoft Azure: If you decide to install and operate in Microsoft Azure, you will benefit from an installation package that we have tested as executable and preconfigured. We make this available to you in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to facilitate the installation of an EPLAN environment, within your company's own Microsoft Azure subscription. 

Other cloud providers: If you would like to host the software in a virtual environment with another cloud provider, we do not currently offer an installation recommendation. In this case, after a preliminary discussion for your individual situation, we will be happy to offer you the opportunity to analyze and evaluate the feasibility together with our experts in the form of a consulting project. 

System integrations of third-party software: If you intend to integrate third-party software such as ERP, PDM/ PLM systems into your virtual environment, please contact our Professional Services experts, who will review the concrete implementation for your individual situation and discuss and evaluate it with you.

EPLAN offers customers with valid subscription and software service contracts technical support in the sense of the defined scope of services to ensure that your software functions properly. The scope of services for support, please refer to the respective service description.

We support you with questions regarding the EPLAN applications and products you are running in your virtual environment. Please refer to our terms and conditions for the warranty. 

The operation and maintenance of the virtual environment e.g. Microsoft Azure and the related infrastructure is the responsibility of the customer, therefore support requests must be made to the respective provider of the virtual environment.

It may be necessary to cooperate with the virtual environment provider to analyze an undesired behavior in the EPLAN application, this must be coordinated by the customer.

In exceptional cases, if the cause cannot be clearly identified in cooperation with the virtual environment provider, it is necessary to reproduce the undesired behavior in a physical environment.